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Houston Dawoodi Bohra Cricket League – Summer 2016

Thank you for visiting Houston Dawoodi Bohra Cricket League.

This league has been started with a vision of promoting cricket within the community so that younger kids who are born and brought up here can also learn the game.

The idea of a cricket league started during our Aqa Moula (TUS) recent visit for Ashara 1437, during the ziyafat of Burhani Sport Club (primarily focused on Soccer), Aqa Moula (TUS) asked 2-3 times “Houston ma Cricket nathi ramatu?”, we realized that Aqa Moula also likes cricket and specifically inquired about it.

We have four teams participating in the league this year.

This will be a T20 tournament with most international rules to be followed and white balls

Hope with this effort we can get Khushi of our beloved Moula (TUS) and promote cricket in the community.